£2 Piece Train

[ Going Undergound - image reblogged from flickr.com ]
[ Going Undergound - image reblogged from flickr.com ]

  The two London Underground coins may not be the rarest in the world, but they do make a very nice addition to any collection.  1,690,000 Trains were minted while there were 1,560,000 Roundels.  As far as scarcity is concerned, this puts them on the same level as two pound coins such as 2016’s Great Fire of London and 1995’s United Nations (single colour – no longer in circulation).

  Released in 2013, this really is a handsome little duo of coins.  One features the London Underground roundel (edge – ‘Watch the line’) while the other bears the image of a train (the edge is a line).  Both of these are nice, simple designs which are very effective.  But this is nothing new as many of the best releases we’ve had have featured nice, simple designs.

  While these coins are relatively cheap to buy online, the Royal Mint presentation pack for London Underground is fairly difficult to even find.  And once you have tracked one down (please excuse the pun) you will see that it is going up in value quite nicely.  So….. if you did want a set in the original pack it is probably a good idea to snaffle one sooner rather than later.


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  • Hey Jacq, They crop up on eBay from time to time. Keep those peelers peeled ;)

    Mik Smith
  • Hi Mick. Where can you get these packs from Mik?

    Jacqueline le Breton

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