2019 Peter Rabbit – Quick Location Update

[image reblogged from flickr.com]
[image reblogged from flickr.com]
Pssst!  I happen to have been told about some additional 2019 Peter Rabbit locations…..
This is just a quick update, but it may contain enough information to help any would be Bunny-Snatchers.
And many thanks to the kind gentleman who gave me this top, top secret info.  You know who you are, my friend ;)
Those pesky Wabbits were left in the following locations –
    • A parking meter at Loughrigg Fell (Near Ambleside)
    •  In a drinks vending machine at Kendal Hospital
    •  At an Asda self-checkout in Kendal
    • In a tattoo vending machine at Bowness (Windermere)
    • At a motor-controlled boats venue in Hope Park (Keswick)
    • In the public toilets at Keswick
    • At a parking meter in Windermere
    • In an amusement arcade at Morecambe
    • At a parking meter in Ambleside
    • In a tyre pressure machine in Kendal

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