A Penny for Your Thoughts

[ The Cost of Continuity - image by Mik ]
[ The Cost of Continuity - image by Mik ]
  When it comes to collecting coins, all of us are different.  Some will only collect fifty pences for example, while other people will insist on having coins from all denominations.  And then there is the pickle of condition – will you collect circulated, BUNC or proofs?
  It is all very involved, right from the off and there are always plenty of fresh decisions to make along the way.  But here I would like to offer my two penneth worth (excuse the pun) when it comes to saving only picture coins or not….
  Speaking from experience, choosing to collect definitives as well as commemoratives is a very expensive business indeed.  Sure, it will look proper nice to have every single coin in your collection….. but the reality is that many of those boring old Britannia’s or Shield Sections will cost more than the rarer pictures you (also) need.  Yes, really!
  At the time of writing, an Olympic ‘Offside Explained’ fifty pence goes for £12-£20.  That’s an ouch.  Whilst a Shield Section fifty pence from the same year will cost you £60-£90.  That’s a far larger ouch.  But a 2011 Shield was a ‘sets only’ coin, hence the hefty price tag.  And before you decide on collecting all of the definitives I would very strongly suggest that you check to see how many other years were only released in sets.  Because this is what will make it all so amazingly expensive.
  Look before you leap and keep your budget in mind!
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