(A)ltogether (B)loody (C)ostly

[Art by Paul Wolber - image reblogged from dailypainters.com]
[Art by Paul Wolber - image reblogged from dailypainters.com]
  When The Royal Mint launched their Alphabet Ten Pences, none of us saw it coming.  For years there had been so much emphasis on fifty pences and two pound coins….. yet we had never dreamed about anything exciting happening with a different denomination.  It really did take all numismatists by surprise.
  And not since the Olympic fifty pences of 2011 had anything happened on quite the same scale.  I mean, let’s be honest about this; even the release of a single commemorative ten pence would have been pretty cool.  So to suddenly hear that twenty-six new ten pences were coming out really was something else.
  Of course, the down side of it all was (and still is) that these coins were/are super-seriously and extremely jolly rare.  Yup, it didn’t take many weeks for peeps to realise you stood a cat in hells’ chance of coming across any in your change – a) because there were so very few to begin with and b) because most people would simply keep one as soon as they saw it.
  The first wave of A-Z ten pences came out in 2018.  We are now fast approaching 2020 and these coins are still like rocking horse doo-doos.  The only realistic way of acquiring Alphabet ten pences is to purchase them.  And with twenty-six letters to collect, this will soon become quite an expensive exercise.  Rather infuriating when we remind ourselves that the full set only has a total face value of £2.60…..
  To make matters worse, the price of Alphabet ten pences is now rising.  They began creeping upward as soon as the 2018 mintage figures had been released.  And once the 2019 figures are confirmed next year we are set to see them increase a whole lot more.  We already know how scarce the 2018 editions are.  And, unless The Mint play an absolute blinder right at the end of the year, the 2019 are scarcer still.  
  Just how much these illusive ten pences will go on to be worth remains to be seen.  But one thing is for sure – if you are intent on having them in your collection, then buying them now is the most sensible idea.
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  • And i am pretty sure this is a 5 year plan they have, producing AZ coins for at least another 3 years.
    In a recent video by Christopher Collects where he is doing a QnA with Rachel from CC he lets slip about it being minted for 5 years. Whether they change the design of them is yet to be seen..

    warren light
  • the mint are taking the mick just as the mail did with stamps
    suck collector dry with multiple issues flood the market with new issues and if their are any young collectors totally discourage them as they or their parents cant afford the constance stream.
    fair enough acknowledge war heroes and great achievements but snowman paddington and worsal and grommit, come on mint get a grip and stop issuing coins you don’t even put into circulation

    stuart scholes
  • Yet again the mint rubs it’s hands together in the glee of greed

    Marie F

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