Announcing TGBCH 24 Hour Coin-athon

[Ian Lambert - Captain of Coin-athon]
[Ian Lambert - Captain of Coin-athon]

  This weekend something exciting is going to happen on The Great British Coin Hunt’s YouTube channel.  At 12pm on Saturday, the first 24 hour ‘Coin-athon’ will begin – and there will be plenty of interesting discussions and auctions to participate in.  It will also be a great time for some fund-raising with 15% of profits from all cash auctions going to ‘CEO Sleepout’.  This is an excellent charity that is dedicated to combatting poverty and homelessness; problems which, unfortunately, are very relevant to our day and age.

   TGBCH’s show will, of course, have Ian Lambert at the helm but there will also be several other guest CJ’s having their say on all things numismatistical.  Auctions will be on-going throughout the broadcast and there will be lots of COA coins and packaging up for grabs.  So this will present a fantastic opportunity to bag a previously uncirculated coin along with its own uniquely numbered documentation; all of which are worth £25-£30 on The Great British Coin Hunt website.  The chances are that these coins will also go up in value in years to come…..

   The 24 Hour ‘Coin-athon’ schedule (at the time of going to press) will be –

 Saturday 26th October

 12pm-2pm - TGBCH

2pm-4pm - TGBCH/CJ Scott

4pm-7pm - CJ Steve Frazer

7pm-9pm – CJ Bungle Collects Coins

9pm-11pmCJ My Family Collects

11pm-12am - CJ Matt (from Coins and More UK)

 Sunday 27th October

 12am-3am – CJ’s Richard and John

3am-5am – CJ Warren

5am-7am – CJ Hannah

7am-8am - CJ Matt (from Coins and More UK)

8am-11am - CJ Dean (from My Family Collects) with guest HoneyMonster

11am-12pm - TGBCH

   To place a bid on an auction you will need to be registered on The Great British Coin Hunt website.  So if you aren’t, you’d better do it now!

   In auctions where coins are used as a means of payment, any of the following are acceptable as bids –

 2008 Feathers 2p

A-Z 10p’s

2008 Lion 10p

Any Olympic 50p’s

NHS 50p

Suffragette 50p

WWF 50p

Flopsy Bunny 50p

Peter Rabbit 2018 50p

Mrs Tittlemouse 50p

Jemima Puddleduck 50p

Isaac Newton 50p

2008 Britannia 50p

2017 Shield 50p

  It’s going to be a loooong weekend for everyone involved, but it is also sure to be a whole lot of fun!


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