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[ I did ask John Gage some questions about his work, but I was met with silence - image reblogged from ]
[ I did ask John Gage some questions about his work, but I was met with silence.... - image reblogged from ]
  You know, I’ve had the most amazing idea.  But I must make it clear from the onset that I haven’t come up with it without a little inspiration.
  In 1952, John Cage created a highly controversial classical composition entitled, '4’33’’.  This piece of music was unlike any other which had preceded it inasmuch as it was…… silent.  Yup, a recognised composer actually had the gall to release a piece of music with no sounds in it at all.  No cellos, no violas, no brass section – zip, zilch, nothing, nada.
  Of course, most folk thought he was completely off his rocker….. but the cultural elite of the day, the ‘true aficionados of music’ hailed it as a masterpiece.
Personally, I would not use the word ‘masterpiece’ to describe it and I would more than likely opt for a nice simple phrase such as ‘pretentious twaddle’.  But that’s just me; I clearly have no appreciation of choons whatsoever :)
  Now, whilst I find the whole concept of a silent symphony lasting for four minutes and thirty-three seconds (hence its ingenious title) utterly ridiculous, I do recognise an opening when I see one.  After all, there are bound to be a few pretentious sorts out there who will really did my ‘breakthrough’ idea….
  Let’s just think about this - there have been lots and lots of fifty pence designs over the years.  So perhaps we need something a little ‘different’…..  A coin that truly pushes boundaries with its sheer boldness and audacity….  Yes!  I propose that The Royal Mint create a blank fifty pence!  Not only would it be a world first (apart from a few blank planchets which have escaped the machines over the years), it would also be reeeeaaaally cheap to produce!
  Personally I’m convinced I am onto something.  Once I’ve called The Mint, I will let you know what they think about it!
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