Circulated Peter Rabbit 2019 Coins – ALL Locations. PART ONE

'Get your motor running....'
['Get your motor running....' - Image by Mik]


  Okay, so everyone knows there are now 400 circulated Peter Rabbits in our midst, but the real question is where are they all?  Even if we had some vague idea of where they had been ‘integrated’ with our normal coinage then it may give us a better chance of finding them. I mean, let’s face it; with such a small amount of these on the loose, we need all of the help we can get!

 'Sausage' - Image by Mik

[This is NOT the rabbit that everyone is looking for.  Its name is Sausage and it made no comment at all when asked about the whereabouts of the 2019 Peter Rabbit coins.  Image by Svetta]


  But fear not.  By poring through hours of video uploaded by The Great British Coin Hunt and scrutinising dozens of newspaper articles, it is possible to find a few clues.  And that is precisely how this very article has been put together.  Whilst not all actual drop points are named, most basic areas are.  And occasionally, by picking up on a familiar locale in footage or because a certain volunteer is nice enough to let a few handy details slip, we can sometimes even pinpoint an exact spot.

  Here are some Peter Rabbit locations we are now aware of –


Middlesbrough –

Quite a lot of details are available for this part of the country.

One of The Great British Coin Hunt’s volunteers left coins at…..

A tyre pressure machine at a Tesco garage

One of the vending machines at Sports Village

A telephone box

Car park meter near the Transporter Bridge

A child’s ride at the Captain Cook Birthplace Museum

An M & S self-service checkout

A Rainbow Community Hub and Library grabbing machine

The bus station

The toy machine outside Smiggle

And the last (kindly distributed by the Mayor) went into a car park machine.

Phew!  Masses of info there.


The Lake District –

Coin collector Mark Shearing distributed eight of his ten Peter Rabbit coins in Kendal, Keswick, Windermere and Bowness. 

Whilst there is nothing too definite for this location information-wise, we do know that the last two of these were placed in rural parking meters.  Anyone with some knowledge of this area will probably be able to narrow things down further…


Hull and East Yorkshire –

Again, quite a lot of details are available for this area.  Rabbits are known to be despatched at….

A machine in an amusement arcade in Hornsea

An Asda self-service checkout in Kingswood

Pub slot machine somewhere in Cottingham

A slot machine at Hollywood Bowl in Kingswood

The tyre pressure machine at a garage on the A164

Food vending machine at The University of Hull

A phone box outside Princes Quay

The vending machine at East Riding Leisure Haltemprice

A parking meter near Queen’s Gardens.


  At the time of writing, other locations are yet to be disclosed.  But once they are an update will be compiled – increasing every readers chance of finding one of these slippery little blighters!  As soon as we know more, you will too ;)

  So hop in the car, dust off the map and get the compass out.  Today is a great day to bag yourself a super-rare circulated 2019 Peter Rabbit!




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