COMPETITION - The Great Alphabet 10p Riddle

[ 'The cash lorry starts off here......' - image reblogged from ]
[ 'The cash lorry starts off here....' - image reblogged from ]
  Now, if you never understood the inner workings of The Royal Mint, then this is your chance.  In this upload, Ian describes things in the very simplest of terms.  This is also a superb opportunity to land yourself with a £5,000 prize.  And not many videos on YouTube can offer that.
 Using an egg box, a Cadbury’s Roses tub, some coins and a toy lorry, Ian takes us through the minting, distribution and circulation of Alphabet ten pence pieces.  Or at least this is how it all happens according to The Royal Mint (because this is the exact version they have given him).  But wait – something doesn’t quite make sense here……  I mean, when virtually every collector in the country has been struggling to find a single A-Z 10p, how can The Royal Mint Experience have thousands and thousands of these to dole out in change???  Apparently they get their coins from the Post Office just like everyone else.  I would certainly like to know which branch they use!
  This video may look like ‘the planned heist’ scene from a 1970s bank job movie….. but it certainly gets the point across nicely.  And the point is a very valid one.  Because…. if there is no alternative explanation to this, then the chances are that something pretty illegal is going on - something on a very large scale.  And any business, no matter how big it is, must still do things by the book.
  Take fifteen minutes out of your life and give this video a watch.  And if you come up with an answer to Ian’s question then he will reward you with £5,000 of his stock (that is a LOT of coins).
  You could even end up with a few Alphabet ten pences.
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