Doing it to Death

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  So….. in a weeks’ time the new Wallace and Gromit fifty pence is going to be released.  And the word on the street is that the Brexit coin will be coming out at around the same time too.  Things are hotting up it would seem over at The Mint. 
  Rumour also has it that a second Snowman coin is being put out (you’d never have guessed this bit) just before Christmas.  And there is still time for more Potter or Paddington before the year is over.
  If you thought The Royal Mint were taking the Michael with the sheer amount of new releases then think again; because it would appear that, if anything, they are planning on stepping things up even more.
  Perhaps in a couple of years from now they will simply bring out a new coin every week and be done with it.  We could all subscribe and get them posted in time for the weekend.
  But of course, most 50p’s and £2’s are ‘purchase only’ not because of corporate greed…. It is purely because we already have plenty of them in our monetary system already :)
  Er…… so why keep making more????
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  • Yes Marie, they most certainly have :(
    And I have exactly the same wants list too……..

    Mik Smith
  • They’ll keep producing them & we’ll keep buying them! W & G plus the snowman are on my want list. Again the mint have us over a barrel

  • I am not of the W & G era and have never heard of them so it comes as no surprise to me that I have absolutely no positive vibes in that direction. Furthermore, in line with the sentiments of this piece, I am getting heartily sick of stuff being churned out seemingly willy-nilly. So, MY initial knee-jerk expletive was Grovel & Vomit. Apologies to the potential aficionados………………….
    Roger Charlesworth

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