‘Duck! It’s the 2018 Peter!!!!’

[image reblogged from muralsyourway.com]
[image reblogged from muralsyourway.com]
  So, once again it’s that crazy time of year when the mintage figures are released and we all sit and watch the prices of coins go berserk.  There are normally one or two surprises and there are often a few coins we all had a gut feeling about.  After all, if you handle/sift a lot of currency then you soon get a pretty good idea of which fifty pences or two pounds are going to be thinner on the ground.
  This time around, my money was on Flopsy whilst my girlfriend thought it would be The Carrot Cruncher.  So when it turned out that they were both super-low (and had exactly the same figure of 1,400,000), we had a little chuckle to ourselves.
  What did come as more of a surprise was the Alphabet 10p’s.  All this time I have been so sure that they would work on the same basis as the Olympic 50p’s.  I fully expected there to be four or five letters which were far lower; that would be far more valuable than their counterparts in the years to come.  How wrong I was!  Unless, of course, The Royal Mint decide to play that crafty game with their 2019 re-issues instead.  Don’t forget of course that as it stands, there are even fewer of these to begin with…..
  Paddington’s not-at-all-low mintage could be spotted a mile off.  These aren’t especially nice looking coins (you have to be quite close to see any great difference between the four) and they haven’t really got a lot about them full stop.  Yup, I am down on these in general!  But perhaps that is just to do with my disappointment of him looking more like a dog than a bear (after they had the bright idea of modelling their coins on the movie version instead of the cult TV series)…..
  While we had a fairly good idea that two of the three Potter coins would be low, no-one expected them to outdo the Duck.  It will also be very interesting to see how these new and scarce additions affect the value of other sought-after coins.  Because in one way it will mean they are no longer quite so rare.  Or perhaps their value will remain the same whilst the new coins will end up being worth even more.  Is it so difficult to imagine a Rabbit Cruncher or a Flopsy Rabbit selling for even more than a Puddleduck?
  The great selling point of a Jemima was her cutesy factor.  And now that three other Potter characters have been thrown into the mix with an even lower mintage it will all prove to be very interesting indeed!
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  • Wayne Harvey, who is now a Moderator of the Swap Club, pointed out that the new C/C Rarity Index had some glaring omissions…like the Full Olympics set for starters.
    I have assumed that Jemima got her boost from being part of a set and therefore Peter2018 and Flopsy will doubtless follow the same Peteroic rise, or should that be Duckioric or even Potterioric.? Enough!
    I think Ian has well established that the RM allow themselves 3 years in which to re-issue the same coin with the same date. They stuffed it to Jemima [although the mintage figures do not show it]. Do mintage figures INCLUDE BUNC with the CIRC????

    Roger Charlesworth

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