Fraud Department Investigate The Royal Mint

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  After many years of trading in coins, Ian Lambert of The Great British Coin Hunt (TGBCH) has decided to take legal action against The Royal Mint.  He has stated a number of grievances with them involving unfair business practices and the misrepresentation of goods.
  The last straw for Mr Lambert centred on 2018 A-Z ten pences and the distribution of these coins - distribution which, according to him, was completely unfair.  He has also said that this involves far more coins being produced than was specified by Her Majesty’s Treasury.  Whilst this is clearly a very serious allegation, Ian Lambert is adamant he is right.
  Can David really take on Goliath and win?  Well, Mr Lambert’s solicitor seems to think so and his local police are also taking the matter very seriously indeed – seriously enough to ask their fraud department to carry out an official investigation. 
  Ian Lambert will be financing his legal battle through a crowd-funding scheme on his website.  TGBCH fan-base is large and there are a lot of negative feelings toward The Royal Mint.  For example, over more recent years, The Mint have held back the majority of new releases as ‘purchase only’ items.  This has meant collectors have been forced to pay ten pounds for most new coins rather than having a chance of finding them in their everyday change.  Needless to say, there is quite a lot of resentment in the coin collecting community.  Therefore Mr Lambert’s scheme could actually get a whole lot of backing as a consequence of this alone.
  So, does our modern day David have the slightest chance against such a powerful giant?  Only time will tell. 
  However, it is worth remembering that David won the first time around.
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