Go, Go, Gruffalo!

[A Very Special Listing - image by Mik]
[A Very Special Listing - image by Mik]
  And so it begins.
  The first fifty circulated Gruffalo coins have officially gone out into general circulation!  Even better than that, the receipt (along with a COA) from this landmark transaction is now selling via auction on eBay.
[The first fifty go out - Receipt and COA]
[The first fifty go out - Receipt and COA]
  As we all know from experience, putting unreleased coins out into the system causes quite a commotion.  The (re)release of five hundred 2019 Peter Rabbit fifty pences got a whole lot of media attention and sent hundreds of collectors into an absolute whirl.  Coins like this are so amazingly rare simply because they were never intended to be circulated in the first place.
  With the Gruffalo fifty pence it is exactly the same principle – this coin was only ever meant to be a ‘purchase only’ item.  And because a mere seven hundred and fifty of these are available in circulated condition, it actually manages to make Kew Gardens look quite commonplace!
  Circulated Gruffalo coins have all been stamped with letters for easy identification and to give them additional authenticity.  So anyone lucky enough to find one can except it to be marked with either a T, G, B, C or H.
  Just how much this auctioned receipt will go for is anyone’s’ guess.  It will certainly prove to be very interesting.  Because whoever does win this will have a very special piece of coin collecting history in their possession.
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  • Very we written mik u always make me smile when I read your blogs

    louise pollard
  • That is amazing, to be able to have the proof of when this happened.

    The Brain

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