God Save the Coin

[ Not sure Freddie would be impressed....... - image reblgged from medium.com ]
  In my humble opinion, the Queen £5 coin (which was released this morning) could have been so, so much better.  But in all fairness, it is pretty much what I expected as the majority of new releases are fairly unimaginative these days.
  I mean, let’s face it; The Gruffalo and Beatrix Potter fifty pences merely feature pictures that have been taken from existing pictures.  Rather than ‘original artwork’, I would give these the moniker of ‘design reproduction’.  It’s all a bit like shoving a bunch of blank coins into the loading bay of a photocopier and then pressing the go button.
 [ Oh dear - image reblogged from eBay ]
[ Oh dear - image reblogged from eBay ]
  It would have been a little more exciting if this latest design had featured the band members themselves….. or perhaps a little silhouetto of a (certain) man in one of his immediately recognisable stances.  Nope, we merely got a Queen motif plastered across the coin with a naff looking piano keyboard at the top of the design.
  All in all it’s rather lacklustre.  And I am sure a good few Queen fans will feel much the same.
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  • Just gone my Queen 2020 one ounce coin through. there is a flaw with a damage mark on the microphone , so much for quality checking


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