Has The Great British Coin Hunt Caused The Royal Mint to Check Their Change?

[ It is Happening..... ]
[ It is Happening..... ]
  Well, well, well…… here is something strange.
  For a long time now Ian Lambert has been making everyone aware of The Royal Mint’s rather dubious distribution of 2018 Alphabet 10p’s.  Yes, whilst everyone in the country has been struggling to find a single A-Z ten pence in their change, tills at The Royal Mint Experience have literally been brimming over with thousands of them!  And how do we know this?  Well, a couple of months before Christmas, Ian and several other people went over there and saw it all with their own eyes.  Bag after bag after bag of Alphabet coins were dropped into the tills to be given out as change.  And ALL of these coins were A-Z ones.
  Ian then stepped things up.  He began asking The Royal Mint how this could be so.  He questioned the manager at the visitor centre and began making calls in order to get some answers.  He even captured one such call and uploaded it to YouTube (HERE).  Cutting a long story short….. The Royal Mint promised to ring him back within a few hours (promise also captured on video) and provide him with all of the necessary information.  But they didn’t.  To date, Ian has still received no such call.
  And now for the important part…..  The Royal Mint have suddenly decided that they will no longer be giving out any A-Z ten pences in change from the tills in their shop
  Now, whilst we cannot make any accusations without proper evidence, The Mint’s sudden U-turn does seem rather strange.  Why were they so reticent about the coins in their tills?  Did they have something to hide?  Had they found themselves backed into a corner?
  Honesty is always the best policy and it would have been far better for The Royal Mint if they had been more open about things in the first place.  As it is, they have simply given everyone the impression that something rather odd was going on.  Something serious enough to warrant a complete change of tactics.
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