Mary Had a Little Monster

[Frankenstein by Frederick Cooper - used with VERY kind permission]
[Frankenstein by Frederick Cooper - used with VERY kind permission]
  There have been all manner of commemorative coins over the years and something to suit just about anyone’s taste; right from sports, wars and events to locations, engineers and explorers.  However, up until this point in time, we have never had a coin based on one of the most infamous faces in Gothic literature.
  Frankenstein is an instantly recognisable coin and its appearance immediately brings certain imagery to mind – a mad scientist, a thunderstorm and a creature stitched together from a mish-mash of stolen body parts.  It’s now hard to believe that Mary Shelley published her ground-breaking novel more than two hundred years ago, but seeing the title of it in such a lovely electrical font still sends shivers down your spine.
  The disappointing (body) part of this is, of course, that The Royal Mint decided not to put this coin out into general circulation.  Yup, you guessed it, the only way of getting your hands on this monster was to pay ten quid for it.  Surprise, surprise.  Although the good news is that it is still possible to find the Frankenstein (or The Modern Prometheus) two pound coin for sale from sellers online.
  You can’t help but wonder which other strange creatures would look this good on future releases…..  Hopefully The Mint have realised there is actually a big market for this kind of thing.  Because some of us happen to like dark and creepy stuff :)  And there are plenty of other monsters, villains and antiheroes to be considered as well.  I for one would love to see a Dracula coin.  Perhaps if they get their skates on they could still knock a few of these out in time for Halloween…..



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  • Don’t give them too many ideas, they’re milking us enough as it is. Let them put some coins into circulation for a change. then we’ll have something to search for

    ron beynon

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