'More 50ps Gromit?'

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  So, once again, yet another new fifty pence has been announced.  And it comes as no great revelation that, once again, it will feature yet another popular children’s character.  The only real surprise is it will be based around Wallace and Gromit.  After all, it might just as easily have featured Scooby Doo, Winnie the Pooh or a certain Cat from the pages of Dr Seuss!
  However, putting all of that cynicism to one side, I am just as excited to hear about this new release as the next coin collector.  Part of me may be getting kind of tired of my coin drawers becoming rather child-orientated of late, but Gruffalo, Paddington and Beatrix Potter are still all jolly nice looking coins.
  Of course, we will now have to wait before we hear if this is to be a circulated fifty pence or not and also if it destined to be a one-off release…. or the first in a series.  A lot of us only expected a single Gruffalo coin, but the word around the campfire is…..
  So fully expect queues when this one goes on sale.
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  • Nice " Prose " Grommit !

    christopher dean

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