Mr Marmite - The Complex Persona of Ian P Lambert

[ Mr Lambert With a Non-Subliminal Drinking Vessel ]
[ Mr Lambert With a Non-Subliminal Drinking Vessel ]
  It has become glaringly apparent to me that people will either really like Ian Lambert, or really not like Ian Lambert at all.  It’s almost as if they need to choose either one end of the reaction spectrum or the other - as anything in-between these is just not good enough.  This is why people who don’t like Ian will often make it their life’s mission to try and destroy him.  Simply disliking the guy is insufficient.
  In a nutshell, Ian inspires a completely bizarre reaction in people.  He refers to this as ‘The Marmite Effect’.  It is something I can identify with as I have a fair bit of Marmite about me myself.  This is probably part of the reason the two of us get along so well….
  He also prides himself on thinking outside of the box.  Where most people will react or behave in a certain predictable way, Ian is likely to do something completely ‘other’.  And this in itself makes him the ideal candidate to lead the great revolt against The Royal Mint.  Rather than bend under the pressure of it all or snap beneath the strain of in-fighting, he will choose to adapt accordingly.  In record time he will completely change his plans and come up with a whole new way of doing things instead that is actually a genuine improvement.
  There has been no communication with The Royal Mint.  He has tried, many times, but all to no avail.  Now… a standard response to radio silence would be to become annoyed - to either allow anger to enter into things or to grow despondent and consequently lose interest altogether.  But Ian’s solution to this?  Purchase a bunch of web domains and release a range of exclusive merchandise bearing the likenesses of the people who refuse to speak.  This is a perfect example of his ‘sans box’ approach.
  Maybe for those who dislike him so much it is simply a case of not looking deeply enough at the person.  Or perhaps they just get irritated by his constant blathering on in videos, the way he digresses continually or his never-ending ‘subliminal advertising’ jokes.  Personally I find him highly amusing and think that ‘Marmite dislikers’ are missing out in a really big way.  Personally I would say he is one of the most honest guys I have met and that he is always true to his word.
  But that is merely my opinion.
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