Murder on the Mayflower

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  While famous writers aren’t a new subject for coins, they are always an interesting one.  Over the years we have had Charles Dickens, Jane Austen and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - in the shape of Sherlock Holmes (if that counts!). 
  Next year, according to (Urk!) Change Checker, there will be a new Agatha Christie £2 coin.  Apparently it will show a jigsaw puzzle (‘Act of Union’ anyone?) with a single piece missing.  The edge will feature the words, ‘1920 100 YEARS OF MYSTERY 2020’.  A link to this post can be found HERE.  Please ensure all of your jabs are up to date before travelling there…..
  The chances are this coin will appeal to a lot of people.  After all, everyone enjoys a good mystery.  But of course, the biggest mystery of all will be…..  Is this destined to be yet ANOTHER ‘purchase only’ release?  Or will we have the chance of finding an Agatha in our change? 
  According to this same source (shudder!), we will also be seeing a Mayflower £2 coin in 2020.  There is very little information about this in terms of design but quite a lot of folk are already saying that it could have a similar appearance to the £2 trial coin from 1994.  Personally I had always thought this featured The Golden Hind rather than The Mayflower but I could be totally wrong….. 
  It’s been three long years since any £2 coins went into circulation!  I am really, really hoping this will change next year, especially when it sounds like we have some very nice releases on the way.
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