My Family Collects - A Channel Review

[My Family Collects]
[My Family Collects]

  Some good old fashioned values like a whole family doing things together are sadly lacking in today’s society.  This is precisely why watching videos from My Family Collects is so refreshing. 

  Dean and his family remind us just how much fun it can be to take part in things together.  Instead of coin collecting being a solitary pursuit, we are shown just how well it can work when everyone is involved!

  Videos from this CoinTuber are simple, straightforward and jolly professional looking.  The camera looks down on the kitchen table and we have a bird’s eye view of a coin sifting session in action!  Any exciting finds are then proudly held up for closer inspection near the camera and (depending on how exciting a find it is) there are occasional squeals of delight.  It is tidy, informative and has a niceness about it all.  This is a family who are happy in what they do and are also eager to invite you in and share their passion for collecting.

  In some ways My Family Collects could be described as having a ‘back to basics’ approach with their videos.  Personally I don’t see this as a bad thing in any way at all.  In fact, I would say it was a very effective and very enjoyable way of presenting something we all love.  I would also say it is a superb YouTube channel for newbie collectors because the information here is very simple and very direct.

 Altogether heart-warming :)



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