My Personal Slant on 2020 Coins

[ The First Coins of 2020 - image by Mik ]
[ The First Coins of 2020 - image by Mik ]
  So, another year and another year set.  We now know what some of the new commemorative designs will be for 2020…. even if it is unclear if any of these will be going out into general circulation or not.  In fact, it remains to be seen whether even the £2 Britannia definitive will be released or not.  And this is simply because NO new £2 coins have been released (at the time of writing) since 2016.
  And first impressions of the new coins?  Well, here I will give my own personal verdict –
Team GB 50p
Designed by David Knapton, this coin is more than reminiscent of Mathew Dent’s work (WWF in particular)….  It is also a hell of a lot better than the last Team GB 50p we had in 2016 (yup, that pants one with the swimmer).
Agatha Christie £2
We had some idea of what to expect with this as our friends over at CC told us that it would feature a jigsaw puzzle.  I myself would have shared this information but…… well, it’s not what you know but who you know, you know :D
Not my personal favourite, but not a bad coin all in all.  Also a fairly good author to have on a commemorative.
75th Anniversary of VE Day £2
An important event to commemorate.  Whether the actual design does this justice or not is another matter.  My first feelings are that it looks a little too busy.  Saying this, I (like most) have only seen photos at this stage and it may look less jumbled in the flesh (or in the cupro-nickel/nickel-brass).
Mayflower £2
My personal favourite out of the new £2 coins.  A nice simple design with some lovely jaunty angles here and there give it an instantly powerful composition.
Again, we had heard about this one in advance so rumours began spreading that it would be ‘just like the trial £2’.  And the reality?  Well, there are clearly some similarities but you aren’t likely to mistake one for the other….
George III £5
What can you say?  On the whole, £5 coins aren’t exactly well-known for featuring ‘blow your socks off designs’ – and this one is no exception.  This is a denomination which seems to basically (with a few exceptions) have been reserved for material of a royal nature; hence it is never going to be ‘finger on the pulse’ stuff.
 In addition to all of this I would also say it is a rather disappointing design after last year’s Victoria £5 simply because that one was far more intricate.
  So that’s that.  Agree?  Partially agree?  Or have the opinion I am the devil incarnate?  Let me know in the comments box :)
  Of course, there will be many other coins released over the next twelve months, some we know about and some that we don’t.  Just what these will be like remains to be seen.
  Personally I am hoping that they don’t make a hash of their next big vehicle – dinosaurs.
  Fingers crossed!
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