On The Trail of The Gruffalo

[Gruffalo Pebbles- Beautiful Illustrations by Frances Mulraney]
[Gruffalo Pebbles- Beautiful Illustrations by Frances Mulraney]
  The buzz surrounding the release of five hundred 2019 Gruffalo fifty pences continues to grow.  As if the chance of finding one of these in your change wasn’t enough, there is now an additional way of coming across one.
  As you may already know, The Great British Coin Hunt are releasing five hundred ‘purchase only’ Gruffalo’s into circulation – just as they did with four hundred 2019 Peter Rabbit coins a few weeks ago.  But this time, there will be an added twist to it all.  And that is because Ian Lambert’s wife, Frances Mulraney came up with an idea to make the whole event even more fun.  By making use of her humanistic skills as a trained psychotherapist, Frances came up with something that would instantly appeal to hundreds of coin hunters.  This same something also allowed her to make full use of her artistic flair.
[The Gruffalo - But who will find him?]
[The Gruffalo - But who will find him?]
   On Monday 21st of this month, she will be leaving some rather special pebbles on one of the UK’s popular Gruffalo Trails.  But these are no ordinary pebbles….
  All six of these stones have been lovingly painted with characters from the Gruffalo story and five will include an extra surprise – a secret message.  On the underside of these pebbles, anyone lucky enough to find one will discover a tiny note stating, ‘You’ve Won!’ as well as instructions on how to receive a free Gruffalo fifty pence.  It will basically be a simple case of popping the pebble in the post and then waiting for a super-rare circulated coin to arrive – along with a certificate of authenticity
  Anyone fortunate enough to come across one of these magical stones will also have the opportunity of being interviewed about their experience.  So ‘finders’ will have the chance to tell people just how exciting it was to discover something so rare and whether they had been actively looking for it in the first place.  It is all a lovely idea which will appeal to children and adults alike.   
[The kind of note Gruffalo hunters look for :) ]
[The kind of note Gruffalo hunters look for :) ]
  Coming up with her ‘painted pebble plan’, Frances Mulraney has tapped into a fundamental part of The Great British Coin Hunt’s 2019 Gruffalo release.  We all love looking for coins, so why not put them somewhere entirely different?  After all, it can only add to the magic of it all.  So the result is that the public now have even more chance of finding one of these illusive coins – whether it is while using the bank, buying goods in town…. or taking a stroll through the woods.
  So leave no stone unturned.
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  • Lovely idea to get more little people hunting too. The pictures are so detailed. Perfectly done.

    Marie F
  • Fantastic idea Fran, beautifully executed. Now why not let us buy a pebble or two?!?


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