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[CJ Warren in prime position]
[CJ Warren in prime position]
  Most people in the GBCH family will be familiar with Warren Light and his YouTube channel Lighty Collects.  But what you may not be aware of is his journey, and how he has become a key member of The Great British Coin Hunt.
  Warren suffers from several different disabilities – Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome, Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder, depression, anxiety and sleep apnea.  These are all deep rooted problems which have hampered his life for over ten years.  Because of the sleep apnea and horrific nightmares fuelled by PTSD, Warren often experiences disturbed sleep.  Ironically, this is how he first heard about The Great British Coin Hunt.  Whilst browsing YouTube videos one night, Warren came upon a stream by Ian.
  The stream Warren lay in bed watching (which has since become known as ‘the mad weekend’) was a seemingly endless barrage of amazing deals and voucher codes.  Since Warren had already been thinking about finding himself a hobby, this TGBCH broadcast had a pretty profound effect.  For hour upon hour he wrestled with himself about whether or not Ian could actually be for real.  His deals and offers simply sounded too good to be true and part of Warren was sure it must be some sort of clever scam.  However, after much internal debate with himself, he decided to bite the bullet.  He went ahead and ordered himself some coins and decided to put some trust into what he was seeing and hearing.
  Even before his order arrived, Warren began wading his way through all of the other videos by Ian and The Great British Coin Hunt.  Ian’s battle with The Royal Mint was of particular interest and something which Warren could genuinely identify with.  He didn’t like unfairness and could see exactly why Ian was saying about underhand dealings.  It wasn’t long after this that TGBCH carried out their Peter Rabbit publicity stunt.  Again, this was very appealing to Warren.  Not only was it a huge two-fingered gesture to The Mint, it also gave people a genuine chance of finding one of these coins in their change.  More and more, Warren was feeling a desire to become involved with all of this.  He respected Ian’s principles and completely understood his actions.
  It was around this time that Ian began doing more live streams.  And one day he put out a request for someone to become his moderator.  Warren didn’t hesitate and he sent a text providing Ian with his background.  A short time afterwards he received a reply – he had been accepted.  The next great milestone to come along was the online auctions.  Warren’s moderating duties became more frequent and he was thoroughly enjoying his role.  Then it was a spate of five hour daily streams.  Again Warren stepped up to the mark and became the moderator for these as well.
  Considering how difficult Warren had found it to interact with others or even leave the comfort of his own flat, he had accomplished masses – and in an amazingly short space of time.  He was suddenly talking to other people on a regular basis and evening building new friendships.  Warren had gone from a place where he lived in dread of what each new day would bring to a place where he had purpose.  The change in him was phenomenal and he was actually looking forward to each day, along with the exciting opportunities it would bring.  Not only had his moods begun to stabilise (mostly without him even realising it), his collection of coins was growing too.  All in all, Warren’s life had got a whole lot rosier.
  And then came another momentous day.
  One morning, at around 11.50am, a CJ who was meant to be live streaming could not make it.  By this time Warren had become very committed to the whole TGBCH crusade and took his duties extremely seriously.  He was very much aware that the viewers couldn’t be left without another CJ to fill this slot.  Without any hesitation, he volunteered to do the stream himself.  When asked about this part of things Warren said, ‘There is no way I would have streamed live if I’d had the time to actually think about it.  And no way I could have done it without the work of Amy in the background.  But now it has moved on.  I am, as Ian calls me, the Manager of the Youtube channel and I sort out all the CJ's and the Mods, along with their hours and timesheets.’
  It would be no understatement to say that becoming a part of TGBCH has had a major and very positive effect on Warren’s life.  Some days are still clearly more difficult than others (just as they are for all of us), yet he is in a far, far better place than he was before stumbling upon that first video by Ian.  This is not even open to debate.
  ‘Without TGBCH I really do not know where I would be.  I certainly owe them a massive thank you.  And the fact I get to do something I am passionate about really is an added bonus.  I am by no means an experienced coin collector but that does not matter.  I have been accepted into the TGBCH Family and that is a huge achievement in itself. 
  The other aspect which really has shocked me is the sense of community that Ian has created.  Most of the people have never even met one another, yet the love and kindness shown by everyone is incredible.  And the willingness to help one another is simply amazing.  Not a day goes by where I am not left speechless by the love and kindness of this community.’
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  • Hi warren my old muccer i love your live streams you and ian has giving me something to get up for.I love coin collecting coins and we now have a great community together, I have made so many new friends home and abroad,Love you all lots Thanks again.x

    John Benson on

  • Never look back lighty.. there’s always sunshine on the horizon, your a little gem.

    Marie F on

  • Wow what a beautiful article

    John Gamble on

  • This is a beautiful thing for you to share with us Warren. And much appreciation for making it happen Mik!!

    The Brain on

  • Glenda thank you so much for this, I can genuinely say this brought a tear to my eye. xx

    warren light on

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