Peter Rabbit 2019 Coins – ALL of the Locations. PART TWO

Time to Make Some Notes.......  [image by Mik]
Time to Make Some Notes....  [image by Mik]


  So, here we are again with all of the latest Wabbit Updates!

  As before, after hours of trawling through information online, we have put together an exhaustive list of information regarding just where four hundred 2019 Peter Rabbit fifty pence pieces have been dropped.  And, just like last time, you will see that some parts of the country have more information than others.

Devon –

Kelly, working on behalf of The Great British Coin Hunt, left coins in ten different locations but the only ones we were told about were

A car park machine

An arcade machine

Dorset –

Meanwhile, Ian Lambert (who is at the helm of this whole Rabbit Release program) integrated his Peter’s at…

One of Sainsburys self-service checkouts

A grab machine in an amusement arcade

Several car park machines (after struggling to find any that were actually working)

Teignmouth –

At least two different car park machines

The fruit machine in Wetherspoons

Another pub fruit machine

Skegness –

A car park machine (probably near the swimming pool)

The swirly charity box thingy at McDonald’s

The non-swirly charity box thingy at Morrisons

  If you were hoping for masses of detail for the remaining Peter Rabbit Jettison Sites then, at first glance, you are probably going to be disappointed.  But…. any of these could still have sufficient information to aid you in your quest.  So, chin up and don’t allow yourself to become disillusioned!

Hunstanton –

An arcade machine

A car parking meter

Middlesbrough –

An arcade machine

Bury –

A Tesco self-service checkout

Rochdale –

Natwest coin sorting machine

A car parking meter

Cumbria –

A hospital drink vending machine

An Asda self-service

Kingston on Thames –

A tyre pressure machine

Middleton –

An arcade machine

A self-service checkout in Tesco

Nottingham –

The tyre pressure machine at an unnamed garage

A car park machine

Kings Lynn –

A food vending machine

Spalding –

A car park machine

Chelmsford –

A self-service checkout in Tesco

Felixstowe –

A machine in an amusement arcade

Chichester –

A car park machine in the vicinity of Minerva Theatre

Ipswich –

A self-service checkout in Tesco

A childs ride (namely Brum) in an amusement arcade


To be continued.......






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