Peter Rabbit and the Spirit of Niceness.

Peter Rabbit 2019 BUNC
[image by Mik]


  Chances are, you are already well aware of the #WatchOut4TheWabbit phenomenon and just how much of a stir The Great British Coin Hunt have caused with it over the past few weeks.  And you probably know all about there being four hundred 2019 Peter Rabbit’s on the run……  However, there are facets of this story that you may still be unaware of; namely the kindness and consideration that has been shown by the people who have been so closely involved with it all.

  After some careful thought and research, Ian Lambert of The Great British Coin Hunt chose forty suitable people to help him with his audacious publicity stunt.  Essentially these volunteers came from all walks of life and many different parts of the country; some in good health, some disabled, some young, some old.  Regardless of their circumstances, they were all selected to perform this same borderline-mischievous task – to get those Peter Rabbits into circulation.  And I think it is safe to say that each of these individuals will have felt a little special to have been chosen.

  To begin with, when Ian Lambert gave his instructions regarding ‘Bunny Drops’ to his volunteers, he made it quite clear that each and every one of these must be captured on video.  This would provide the public with concrete evidence that these coins really had gone into general circulation.  However, the interesting part is that he also stipulated that each individual should say a little something as they carried out their task.  That they should mention something they felt strongly about such as a charity or a topic worthy of more public awareness.  Mr Lamberts’ own personal mantra has been ‘Lung cancer is a bitch’.  Few of us would argue with this statement and many of us would greatly respect him for his frankness.

  Perhaps it was this sentiment that initiated what would follow once it had all begun.  As the Bunny Drops started and the days went on, more and more heart-warming stories came to light.

  We have heard -

  • How entire families have got involved and worked closely together to accomplish their task.
  • Of many people adding coins from their own pockets when inserting Rabbits into machines, just to ensure that they successfully get these special coins into circulation.
  • About people spending Rabbits in self-service checkouts and then donating the items they have purchased to local food banks.
  • How the Coin-Tubing community has been taken by storm, receiving far more hits and new subscribers than ever before, all thanks to the amazing Rabbit Vibe.

   Ian Lambert himself has been genuinely moved by the entire experience and flabbergasted by the domino effect of kindness that his #WatchOut4TheWabbit idea has caused.  He recently said that, ‘The kindness shown since this began has been absolutely immense.  At times it’s had me crying like a baby.  There are now 400 individual videos out there, all championing good causes.  Some of these, no-one had ever heard of before which is great exposure for them all.  And all of this from 50p.  It’s incredible.’

   So it would actually appear that something more than four hundred Peter Rabbits is circulating around Britain right now.  Something else that is also doing the rounds.  Something positive and kind and thoughtful and giving.

   Bring it on I say.  Because this is something we all need to find.




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