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  In 2017, no new £2 coins went into general circulation.  This was the year that saw the release of Jane Austen and Aviation. 

  However, at the time, information being put out by The Royal Mint suggested that everything was the just same as ever; that it was business as usual.  On June 8th of that year, Change Checker featured THIS POST about the fresh Jane Austen release.  For all intents and purposes it sounded like this coin would be going into general circulation.

  Then, a month or so later, MoneyExpert posted THIS online where it appeared that The Mint had changed their tactics……  There were now only going to be a small number of Jane Austen £2 coins released – and only in a small number of carefully selected locations.  Things were changing.

  An equal amount of mystery surrounded the release of the Aviation £2 coin…..  And again, nothing much could be found if you looked it up online.  In a carefully worded article HERE, The Royal Mint disclose how this coin woud be released at Duxford Airshow…..

  And to further confuse things, Change Checker published THIS POST on October 31st where they still managed to give everyone the impression that both of these coins would be going into general circulation imminently.

  Any additional information since these nuggets were posted has been pretty sketchy to say the least.  To save you hours of trawling for yourself online I can tell you this much –

Jane Austen – was only released in carefully chosen parts of Hampshire (which all had a link to the famous author).  Apparently, a total of 1,860 coins were circulated in these areas.


Aviation – was only circulated at Duxford Airshow the same year.  It is rumoured that only 400 of these coins were intergrated there.

Here are two other links to check regarding the Aviation £2 coin.  The first is from LONDON POST and the second is from THE TELEGRAPH.

  Perhaps the confusion came about because The Royal Mint themselves were still undecided about what to do about releasing new £2 coins – right towards the latter part of 2017.  The chances are we will never really know for sure.  The only certainty we can come away with after reading about it all is that both of these coins are uber-rare in circulated condition.  Unless of course they end up being circulated by The Great British Coin Hunt……  ;)

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