Please Release Me…. (To Coin a Phrase)

[The Three Elusive Coins - image by Mik]

[The Three Elusive Coins - image by Mik]


  The last time we saw any fresh two pound coins in our everyday change was back in 2016.  Since then, no new designs have been released.  Three long years of ‘commemorative famine’ in this denomination!  So why exactly is this?  Well according to The Royal Mint we already have enough two pound coins in circulation so there is no need to release any other designs at present.  Fair enough.  That makes perfect sense until the next part….  

  In January 2018, The Royal Mint announced the release of four brand new commemoratives; Frankenstein, Armistice, RAF Badge and 100th anniversary of the Representation of the People Act.  They also made it public knowledge that all of these coins would be going into circulation sometime later in the year.  Almost two years later, there is still no sign of three of these.  The People Act fifty pence came out as promised but the others were only available for purchase (ten quid a time plus postage (unless your order is more than £45)) on The Royal Mint website.

  Not really cricket.
  On the 3rd January 2018, the Which? website had published a feature on these new coins.  Here is what it had to say regarding their release –
‘You might have to wait a little while to get your hands on the new coins, as the Royal Mint can only confirm they’ll be seen in circulation at some point this year.’  (Link to original article here)
  So what happened?  And, just to add salt to the wound, we have still had no new two pound coins go into circulation in 2019 either.  Of course, at the time of writing it is October and anything is possible.  But it isn’t looking very likely.
  Whilst we need to listen and take certain things into consideration, it is all starting to seem a rather strange.  It is also starting to feel jolly unfair.  For coin collectors like myself, half the fun of it all is looking for designs that you need in your everyday change.  So being forced into a situation of having to buy every new two pound coin is a bit pants.  And it doesn’t stop there either.  The majority of new fifty pences are being handled in exactly the same way as well.  Let me guess, the country is overrun with those too…..
  Perhaps the most insulting coin of all to be held back as ‘purchase only’ is the 2019 Peter Rabbit.  And there are two reasons why I say this.  Firstly, all thirteen of the other Beatrix Potter coins had been put into circulation in a normal manner.  The second reason is The Royal Mint know full well how there are tens of thousands of kids collecting these coins.  Why?  Because they are purposely designed to appeal to children, that’s why.
  More and more ordinary people are becoming more and more frustrated with the whole business of new release coins.  The common feeling is that the whole situation is grossly unfair.  Just how far will this go before people get so fed up they simply stop collecting coins altogether?  Who knows? 
  But the warning signs are there for anyone who is willing to see.
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  • I agree it is totally unfair in what they are doing but as we all know it is all about the money if you pardon the pun, the Royal Mint and the 288 Group want to milk us for everything they can. I would not be at all surprised to see more 50ps aimed at the kids in the future.
    Moving forward I kind of hope they do not change the way they are operating as it means more publicity for TGBCH and more people coming over and buying here.

    warren light
  • Perhaps this will change at some point, especially if there are enough of us saying exactly the same thing. It would be a shame if they were are allowed to take something that thousands of people enjoy so much and turn it into a mere money making machine. The Royal Mint are obviously there to make a profit but there was always more to it than that before. Over the last few years things really do feel like they have taken a turn for the worse. It is also becoming painfully expensive for the bog-standard coin collector.

    Excellent and intelligent comments Susan!

    And thank you for your kind words regarding my efforts as well; very much appreciated :)

    Mik Smith
  • Totally agree with you Mik, the Royal Mint is being totally unfair to us everyday collectors. It’s fine for those that have the money and wish to collect everything going. I thought the Royal Mint was there to produce coins for the nation to use to buy goods ,not to JUST collect and stick in a box as you can’t put them in an album without devalueing them. There are plenty of designs out there for those that wish to just store them away. Don’t get me wrong I have purchased some of the uncirculated commemoratives just because it was the only way to get them. But like you it’s the thrill of finding something ‘special’ in your change that makes the day, whether it’s a commemorative or just one for your date run,
    When the uncirculated packs arrive I look and say that’s a nice coin then put it away. When I find a ‘special’ in my change I take a good look at it, then have to find the right place in my album, it’s more satisfying. Enjoying your blogs, keep them going.


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