‘Shaken, But Not Yet Minted’

[Good Evening. Miss Moneypenny - reblogged from legacy.com] 
[Good Evening. Miss Moneypenny - reblogged from legacy.com]
  Apparently….. (according to certain (ahem!) un-official sources) we will be seeing a new James Bond coin sometime next year.  Just how cool is that?  It was kinda nifty to have a 007 10p in the A-Z’s, but another coin with the man himself on it would be proper sick.  And rumour has it that James will be on the coin…. along with one of his gadget-filled supercars. 
  Of course, precisely how highly this coin will rank on the Cool-ometer still remains to be seen.  I mean, just because it will feature the super-slick 00 agent, this does not automatically guarantee that masses of street cred will be fitted as standard.
  To properly capture all the slickness and hipness of the world famous character, The Royal Mint will need a half-decent artist on the case.  In fact, if they don’t use this as a starting point then it could go very wrong indeed….  And you only have to remember how terribly Paddington turned out to know this is true!
  Personally I really do hope they manage to get this one right.  Just about everyone loves the quintessentially English Mr Bond and it could turn out to be a very handsome release indeed.  I can also see it being the type of coin which will appeal to virtually every numismatist on the planet.
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  • Great stuff, nicely written, send me your email, I can update you with Jersey/Guernsey news

    c ball
  • Make RM an offer of your talents Mik? On second thoughts may be a conflict of interest…but a MOLE would work!!!

    Roger Charlesworth

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