Small Change For The Queen

 [‘The Accolade’ By Edmund Leighton c1901 - image reblogged from]
[‘The Accolade’ By Edmund Leighton c1901 - image reblogged from]
  I wonder what will happen with our money when we have a change of monarch?
  Have The Royal Mint already prepared loads of new coins in advance?
  Interesting questions.  Especially when you consider how many gifted designers The Mint have at their disposal and how amazing technology is these days. 
Precisely what will happen and how it all comes about is something I have often wondered about.  It is also something I have discussed with other coin collectors.  So….. in a bid to find some answers, I decided to opt for a thoroughly modern approach.  Yup, I Googled it.
  The few results I found were actually pretty disappointing.  It would seem that most people have more important things on their minds!  However, I did find someone asking similar questions…. along with a proper job reply from The Royal Mint ( HERE ) –
‘I am writing in reply to your Freedom of Information request of 27 August.
No portraits of other members of the royal family have been prepared for use on the coinage in the event of their acceding to the throne.
Work on a new royal portrait will only begin when a new monarch comes to the throne.  At the same time a decision will have to be taken as to whether to introduce new reverse designs.  The process of obtaining new designs takes several months and, until completed, coins will continue to be struck with the old portrait and reverse designs.’
  Ah, so there we go; straight from the horse’s mouth.  If only all questions could be answered so easily!
  The only other thing I can tell you is that the next monarch will be facing the opposite way on our coins (along with banknotes and stamps).
  What I can’t tell you is why.  It’s just an old tradition apparently.
  Hmmmm.  Back to Google again perhaps?
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  • My take is that there will BE no future monarch and so I have long been wondering what we would use. Maybe Oliver Cromwell would do until we decide?

    Roger Charlesworth

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