TGBCH Makes History!

[ THIS is Why We Fight :)  ]
  As Ian explains in his latest (patio-based) video, today is a defining moment in the world of numismatics.  Why?  Because TGBCH has clearly demonstrated how The Royal Mint really will bow down to pressure.  And when things aren’t fair, Ian and Co are more than happy to apply plenty of this :)
  Regardless of your feelings about Ian, TGBCH or all of the fuss that’s been going on just recently; something momentous has happened today.  From this point forth, The Royal Mint will be doing things differently at their visitor centre.  And ALL coin collectors in the UK will benefit from this!
  Right across the country, people will have far more chance of finding A-Z 10p’s in their change….. as a direct consequence of TGBCH turning up the heat.  Yup, all those thousands of ten pences used exclusively in the tills at The Royal Mint Experience will now be going out into general circulation - which is exactly where they should have gone in the first place!
  Please help us to bring about more changes by supporting us with our campaign.  There are lots of other things The Royal Mint do which are wrong and we would like to change these too.
  Coin collecting should be fun, affordable and available to everyone.
  Join us in our fight!
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