The Curse of Frankenstein?

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  When The Royal Mint released the Frankenstein £2 coin in 2018, they inadvertently overlooked a potential new target audience without even realising it.  Yup, the Goth quarter.  So it is quite possible that the Mint could have sold even more units than they actually did.
  Whilst Goths are not primarily known for their love of coins, it is a kind of universally accepted fact that they have a love for all things dark.  And this can extend to virtually any area of life - fashion, music, crafts, film, literature, home décor….. the list goes on.  Goths do like other stuff as well but I’d have thought that a Frankenstein coin would appeal.
[Art by the Amazing Berni Writghtson (RIP) - image reblogged from]
[Art by the Amazing Berni Writghtson (RIP) - image reblogged from]
  Besides, when you are releasing a coin to celebrate one of the greats of GOTHIC horror, it really is a no-brainer.  I mean, ‘does this super-famous writer already have a large fan base we can connect with?’ would be a very good starting point.  Doh!
  The Royal Mint are also pretty big on bringing out coins in sets (Olympics, Potter, Dinosaurs (soon), A-Z….).  So did they miss the boat again by not taking advantage of this here?  ‘Hollywood Monsters’ or ‘Dark Characters of Literature’ would both make a superb series of coins.  It isn’t difficult to imagine coins featuring the likes of Dracula, The Wolf Man, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, The Mummy or The Creature from the Black Lagoon.  To name but a few.
  Perhaps I am right. 
  Perhaps I am wrong.
  Or perhaps it is best to keep your sights fixed on a younger target audience…..
  Hee hee hee.
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