The Curse of The Black Sheep

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  As human beings, we all have certain things in common.  Some of these (such as physical ones) are kind of obvious so I shan’t go to the bother of explaining them.  However, we also share more things with one another…. such as those on a psychological level.  Some of these are good, some of these are indifferent and some….. come from the dark side.

  A fine example of this would be ‘herd instinct’.  And this is something within each and every one of us.  Whether or not we have the ‘herd instinct’ behaviour inside us goes without saying.  The important part is whether we choose to listen to this voice.  If we do, then the chances are that we will then go on to behave in the way it wants us to behave.

  It’s all a little scary, isn’t it?  Yup, everyone on earth has an inner sheep just waiting to be heard.  And the most frightening part of all is – many of us will start listening to this bleating very quickly indeed.

  And this is why we see certain behaviour in the world.  It is why panic sets in so rapidly in crowded places and people end up being crushed to death.  It is how most rumours start.  And it is the reason why supermarkets are sold out of basic items within hours when we are due for a Bank Holiday.  The human psyche is a dark place indeed and you don’t need hard evidence, the threat of a zombie apocalypse or any place with an ounce of logic.  Nope, you don’t need to worry yourself about any of that if you decide to listen to your inner sheep!

  So what is the answer to this dark plight?  How on earth do we journey through life knowing that this evil sheep lives within us, waiting constantly for us to listen to its bleat?  Well, all we need to do is to remember a couple of simple things –

Take a breath and take stock
Don’t just get caught up in the moment.  Stop and think about what is actually going on.  It is so easy to just get carried along sometimes without thinking things through.
Think for yourself
Don’t instantly believe things that other people have told you.  Soak up the information yourself and make up your own mind about things.
   Simple advice and not difficult to follow…. most of the time.  Yes (brace yourselves ready) even I have been known to get things wrong now and again!

  Seriously though, this is important stuff to be aware of and to keep firmly in mind at all times.

  The truth is that sheep have a great deal to answer for – from childhood spats in the playground, right the way up to wars where thousands are killed.  We should always be aware of the sheep and we should try our best to keep it in its closing.


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