The Definitive Truth

[Britannia may rule the waves, but comes in second with definitives :( - image by Mik]
[Britannia may rule the waves, but comes in second with definitives :( - image by Mik]
In 2015, The Royal Mint introduced a new definitive design for the £2 coin.  This was, of course, Britannia.
Considering that we’d had Technology kicking around for a whopping seventeen years prior to this, the Britannia design was a very welcome change indeed.  This fresh design was certainly a vast improvement (although just about ANYTHING would have been better than boggy old Technology in all fairness….) and it was actually a really nice design to boot.
(Yup, and here it comes….. the big, bad and hairy NEGATIVE part.  I’ll bet you could all sense it’s approach in your waters!)
The bad news is that in the four years since Britannia officially became our new definitive, it has actually only been put out into circulation for two of these.  So, as a result, we are still overrun with naffo Technology and ‘Two Pound World’ remains a dark and miserable place as a consequence.  There have also been no circulating commemoratives since 2016 either, which really doesn’t help!  AND (just in case that wasn’t depressing enough) the mintage of Britannia 2015 was pretty jolly low too….. which further exacerbated the whole situation :(  Yup, that meant that even fewer Britannia’s would be found in our everyday change.
One day in the future (heaven alone knows when) we will have loooooads of Britannia’s and very few Technology (wa-hey!).  Although it could take a painfully long time to reach this point if The Royal Mint continue to release Britannia as a ‘sets only’ coin.
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  • Hopefully one day these coins will make their way into circulation for you guys. I know how frustrating that is, being a coin collector and not having the proper opportunity to find a coin.

    The Brain

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