The Lesson of the Legendary 2009 Blue Peter 50p.

Blue Peter - Photography by Svetta
[ 'Blue Peter' - Photography by Svetta ]

  Back in 2009, nine year old Florence Jackson won a Blue Peter coin competition.  As a result, her design was used for a fifty pence released that same year.  These coins were only ever released in presentation packs and had a total mintage figure of 19,751.  Needless to say, they were rapidly snapped up by collectors worldwide. 

  When The Mint brought out their collection of 29 Olympic coins two years later, they decided to re-use the very same Athletics (Blue Peter) design by Florence – the only differences being that this second batch were dated 2011 and had a far higher mintage of 2,224,000.

  Due to the huge variation in number, these two coins have a very different price tag attached to them.  Whilst the 2011 edition currently retails at around three to five quid, the far rarer 2009 coin changes hands for a whole lot more.  A few years ago it retailed at around 70 or 80 pounds but more recently it has made the transition into three digit territory.  To pick one up now you will probably be talking about £150 or more.  Whether this price has plateaued as yet is unclear.  It may well continue to rise.

  Considering that this particular fifty pence is only ten years old it is a very good reminder of how some of today’s non-circulating releases could follow a very similar pattern.  It is not at all unfeasible for coins such as Jane Austin, Aviation or Wedgwood to also rocket in value over a relatively short space of time.  So the here and now really is a great time for investment.




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  • In 2015 I was fortunate enough to purchase the Blue Peter pack for £24.00 an excellent addition to my collection.
    Not many collectors realized the importance of this coin at that time. A bit like the Kew Gardens

    ron beynon

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