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Once again we are almost at the end of the year and 2020 beckons.
We already have some information about certain releases for the New Year, but what else might we expect to see?  Are there any clues as to what other coins could be on the way?
Here are some predictions.  How accurate they are is another matter altogether……
Snowman #3
I am making this prediction right now, right at the start.  Personally I can see the whole Raymond Briggs thing becoming traditional every Christmas for the foreseeable.  Child-orientated and VERY popular.
Just a shame for old Mint that Pobjoy got in there first FIVE YEARS AGO (hahahhaha!  And the Isle of Man issues were nicer!).
In 2011 The Royal Mint produced a whopping twenty-nine different fifty pences to celebrate the Olympic games.  Okay, they were held in London but let’s face it; The Mint are on a right old ‘bang out as many as poss and make lots of lovely lolly’ trip right now.  So is the hosting country of that much importance anymore?
If it is an opportunity to churn out another load of designs at a tenner a time, then They aren’t likely to pass it up.
Yup, we have already had four naff Paddington coins with different (crap) designs but there are two good reasons why there could still be more to come (please God no) in 2020……
1 - The Royal Mint looooove child orientated coins because they are so amazingly profitable.
2 - There are loooooads of other locations in London where distorted Paddy could pose.
      So…… the truth is that we can fully expect a ‘Paddington at Arfur’s Lock-up’ fifty pence next year.  It all depends how much they decide to milk it :/
      Three designs have been confirmed already and if you think They will stop there then you really are prehistoric in your thinking!  As with Paddy, it all comes down to how much brass neck They have.  I mean, there were a whole lot of dinosaurs so this series really could rake in some serious dollar if these are ‘purchase only’ releases.
      It was rumoured earlier this year that The Mint would be bringing out a series of ‘scientist’ coins.  And apparently Hawking was the first of these.  If this is true then things have gone rather jolly quiet……  Could it be that more in this series are planned for next year?
      ‘Surely not!’
      Well I remember thinking exactly that when I heard about the second phase….  And when I heard about the third….  AND when I heard about the ‘purchase only’ anomaly which looks very much like he is flipping the bird at collectors….
      ‘Why the hell not?’
      Would probably be a far more realistic response.  Yaaaaaaaawn.
      Barbie £2 coin
      Well, I mean come on; it’s only a matter of time really.  And next year is as good as any other…..
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