The On-going Saga of A-Z 10p’s

[ Those Elusive A-Z 10p's...... ]
[ Those Elusive A-Z 10p's...... ]
  So….. here’s how things have panned out thus far –
  Ian Lambert recently tackled The Royal Mint regarding the distribution of their 2018 A-Z ten pences.  He pointed out that although the majority of the general public were unable to find any of these coins in their change, the tills at The Royal Mint Experience were full of them.  This was, he said, rather suspicious….
  The Royal Mint then sent a reply to someone who asked them much the same thing about the supply of A-Z ten pences in their shop -
 ‘Thank you for your email.
In relation to your question like all other retailers, the tills in The Royal Mint Experience are supplied by the banks.
The Royal Mint supplements this with a small selection of promotional coins such as the Great British Coin Hunt 10 pence pieces.
This promotional activity is funded by The Royal Mint as an added touch for our visitors.
Kind regards’
  Ian then proceeded to call The Royal Mint and ask what they meant by ‘supplements’ as his interpretation of this would be ‘adds to’.  He wanted some clarity on this as he suspects that additional coins may have been minted specifically to be used at The Royal Mint Experience.  Mr Lambert also pointed out that these coins had been distributed via post offices when they were released (this was well publicised at the time).  So, if this were the case, how could The Royal Mint be getting their stock from banks???  He failed to get any answers and was also told they had never used the word ‘supplements’ in their message – even though he has a copy of this.
  Needless to say, this has only made Ian Lambert even more suspicious of The Royal Mint.  ‘I would just like to talk to someone and get some answers that make sense actual sense.  Because at the moment, there are a lot of things that don’t.  If two people in their employment were to sing from the same hymn sheet then it would be a good starting point….’
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