The Representation of the People’s Angst

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  The general consensus is that coin collecting should be both fun and affordable.  So it is easy to understand why a lot of people are unhappy with the way things are happening, especially over the last few years.
  Here are the most commonly asked questions amongst disgruntled coin collectors -
‘Why are so many of our new coins non-circulated?’
There have always been a few coins which have not gone into circulation.  Although, in all fairness, these have normally been definitives.  Therefore, because the majority of collectors concentrate on commemoratives, it was only the hardened numismatist who would be forced to pay ‘sets only’ prices.
But now this has changed because lots of new commemoratives are released as ‘purchase only’ items. 
Most people would agree that searching for new or unusual coins is one of the best bits of collecting.  So at the moment it really does feel like this is being taken away.
‘Why are coins so expensive to buy?’
Having to purchase so many new coins rather than looking for them in your change is a bit rough.  But to make things worse, The Royal Mint charge ten pounds for a brilliant uncirculated coin.  That is pretty steep by most people’s standards.
People are also wondering why the ten pound price tag applies to either a fifty pence or a two pound coin.  How can these be the same price?  If a two pound coin is a tenner, then surely a fifty pence should be less?
There is also the matter of postage.  This is only free if you are spending more than forty-five pounds.
This all helps to make coin collecting jolly expensive indeed.
‘Why are they bringing out so many coins all of a sudden?’
There have been a lot of new releases over the past couple of years and people are wondering why.  This year alone has seen SEVENTEEN fifty pences (with more due to be released) and THIRTEEN of these are ‘sets only’.
There have also been five two pound coins (ALL purchase only) and twenty-six ten pences.
That is ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY POUNDS (and counting) if you are buying all ‘purchase only’ coins from The Royal Mint just for 2019.  Which is a great deal of money per collector/customer.
‘Why are there so many children’s characters?’
When you take a look at fifty pences from the past couple of years, it really does feel a bit like imagination has left the building.  So many are simply child-orientated.
To understand this fully it is important to remember that The Royal Mint are a business.  They have found that there is a big demand for something and are doing what any other sensible business does – they are catering for it.  Simple as that.
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