The ‘Selected’ Mintages of Change Checker

[Offside and Outside - image by Mik]
[Offside and Outside - image by Mik]
  I am not quite sure why, but each time Change Checker release their mintage figures table they completely omit all twenty-nine Olympic fifty pences.  These coins were all released into general circulation so why they are not included in their figures is a bit of a mystery.
  As you probably know, there were also three Olympic two pound coins.  Change Checker always include these in their figures so it isn’t because they have a problem with sporty releases.  It is all rather odd if you think about it :/
  Once the Olympic fifties have been (rightfully) put into the equation, it actually changes things considerably.  And this is apparent just with the top ten -
 210,000 - Kew Gardens
1,125,500 - Offside Explained
1,129,500 - Wrestling
1,161,500 – Judo
1,163,500 – Triathlon
1,400,000 - Peter Rabbit (2018)
1,400,000 - Flopsy Bunny
1,454,000 – Tennis
1,700,000 – Mrs Tittlemouse
1,800,000 - Royal Shield (2017)
  The rarest ten fifty pences….. and Jemima Puddleduck doesn’t even get a look-in!  What a mind-blowing difference it makes to put the Olympic fifties back into the mix.  And oh look!  There are actually FOUR really low mintage coins after Kew before we get to Peter Rabbit or Flopsy Bunny.
  On their blog page, Change Checker do recognise the existence of the twenty-nine coins (always a good start!) and they also go on to say how low their mintages are.  They even go on to say that if they were included in their figures then it would knock several others (such as Flopsy and Peter Rabbit 2018) out of the top five…… yet they make no attempt to explain why these are not included in their chart in the first place.  Link to post - HERE.
  Very, very strange indeed.
  Why on earth would twenty-nine circulating fifty pences be completely unmentioned in Change Checker mintage figure - charts over and over again????
  I am sure they have their reasons……
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  • Exactly the same total lack of in-depth analysis that so T-d me off when the second commemorative Britannia 50p was launched. I STILL do not know why it was. I assume the RM knows why, but then even THAT may be a wild assumption?

    Roger Charlesworth

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