The Tosha Cat’s Whiskers

[Someone let the Cat in..... - image by Mik]
['Someone let the cat in.....' - image by Mik]

  Many coins from the Isle of Man are seriously sought after by collectors.  And when you take a look at their designs it isn’t difficult to see why.  So many releases from this part of the world are thoroughly attractive, especially those in the TT Races and Christmas categories.  In fact, a lot of them really do put British ones to shame.

  Yet there is one Isle of Man coin which is almost the stuff of legend.  It is extremely rare and can often change hands for the equivalent of two Kew Gardens fifty pences.  It is, of course, the Tosha Cat two pound coin.

(But you already knew this because of the rather large photo at the top of the page.  AND the title.  Which basically means that none of that lead-up was even required…..)

  Tosha translates as ‘first’ in Manx Gaelic.  And ‘he’ was chosen as a mascot for the Commonwealth Youth Games when they were held for the first time on the island in 2011.  Quite clever eh? 

(Another fairly useless snippet of information I have managed to share with you today on Mik’s Blog…..)

  Since the population on the Isle of Man is considerably smaller than that of Britain, they need far fewer coins than us.  Needless to say, mintage figures are pretty low.  This is one of the reasons that Tosha is so blooming expensive to buy.  Another reason is the good old ‘cutesy factor’.  Yes, just like Puddleduck and Flopsy Bunny, Tosha’s sappy looks result in a hefty price tag.  A bit unfair, but that’s the way things go.  Many folk tend to go all gooey over sweet little creatures….. so numismatists will often end up paying more as a consequence of this.  Grrrr.

  So if you were wondering which coin to put on your Christmas list, this could well be the one :)



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