Thomas Louis - The First Person to Find a 2019 Peter Rabbit 50p!!!

[ The Prize of Peter ]
[ The Prize of Peter ]

  In September of this year, The Great British Coin Hunt took four hundred brilliant uncirculated Peter Rabbit fifty pences from their packaging and integrated them with standard coins.  Since then, collectors all across the country have been hoping to come across one in their change.

  Earlier this week, Thomas Louis became the first person to find one of these elusive Rabbits amongst circulated coins.

  Like many of us, Thomas makes a point of picking up/sifting coins from his bank in London and is always grateful for the few he does manage to find.  He has only been collecting coins for around a year and had never expected to discover a Peter Rabbit fifty pence.  I asked him a few questions about his experience.

So you have been collecting since 2018?

‘Yes, my partner first got me interested and since then it has become far more serious.’

And you go through coins looking for new additions for your collection?

‘I do a bank run twice each week.  My collection is basically fifty pences and two pound coins.’

And you will obviously be keeping your Peter Rabbit?

‘God, yes!  It is probably the most precious fifty pence I have – in circulated coins at least.’

You were aware of TGBCH putting these into circulation?

‘Yes, I had heard about it but I never dreamt that I would ever find one.  Only 400 of these coins went into circulation and I don’t even know if any were in the same area as me.  That is why I just sat looking at it in disbelief when I first opened the bag.’

A big part of TGBCH doing this had been to make a point; about how The Royal Mint have only released a small amount of new designs in recent years.  What are your thoughts on all this?  Is it right that so many new releases are held back as ‘purchase only’?

‘In a way I would say that it is right.  After all, ultimately a collector wants to collect things that only a few other people have.  So if all coins were put out into circulation they would be much more commonplace, wouldn’t they?’



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  • Yay. At last… Good find Thomas congrats. Always good to hear

  • Wow this is great to hear that someone has actually found one doing a bank run, congratulations


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