‘Til Every Drop’s Been Dripped

[Even Peter is Growing Weary..... - image reblogged from peterrabbit.com]
[Even Peter is Growing Weary..... - image reblogged from peterrabbit.com]
  ‘The Royal Mint has not confirmed if more Beatrix Potter coins will be issued this year…..’ said Change Checker in March this year (HERE).  And this possibility was also kicked around by several national papers at the time as well.  So could there be even more Beatrix Potter coins on the way????
  Personally, I do hope not.  I’d say that the first five were good, the second four weren’t so great and the third batch were taking things a little bit too far.  Surely thirteen was more than enough….. but no, The Royal Mint saw it necessary to bring out a FOURTEENTH fifty pence.  Except that this one had one small difference – it was a ‘purchase only’ item.  A great way of guaranteeing sales when thousands of peeps have dutifully pored through their change for three years trying to find all of the others!
  So are the rumours true?  Will they really release even more Beatrix Potter fifty pences?????  Can they squeeze any extra juice out of this cutesy-cutesy child-orientated venture???  Well, yeah.  Probably.  But maybe not until next year.  Let’s remind ourselves of just how many new coins are set to come out before Christmas.  So to bang out any extra Rabbits before the year is out is pretty unlikely.
  But at least we have more than a vague idea of what is likely to happen in 2020.
  The biggest question is not ‘if’. 
  And, in this instance it isn’t even ‘when’. 
  No, the biggest question here is…… how many more?
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  • Yea….like yea…but hey…I thought we agreed that the 3rd batch had the BEST Peter….that one takes the carrot, right?

    roger charlesworth

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