‘To Sift or Not to Sift…..’

[Bill Rattlelance yesterday - image reblogged from lifesitenews.com]
[Bill Rattlelance yesterday - image reblogged from lifesitenews.com]
  We are all guilty of it, aren’t we?  Whenever we have the opportunity we’ll get a bag or two of coins from the bank to see what treasures are in there……  For some of us this is something we’ll do once a week or so, while for others it is done on a far larger scale.
  However, the problem is that, since a few years back when coin collecting suddenly became more fashionable than the most fashionable Gucci handbag you could ever imagine (if Gucci handbags are your bag so to speak) it has had a serious effect on things.  And please don’t get me wrong, I am in NO WAY blaming people for this because I have precisely the same compulsion to sift loose change whenever I have the opportunity! :)
 The thing is, because so many of us have been doing it for so long we are now running seriously low on commemorative coins full stop.  Yup, back in the day we would all laugh in the face of coins like Olympic Archery, Boy Scouts or Brunel the Man.  But it has now got to a point where we are lucky to even find these.  The long and the short of it is that we have all inadvertently sucked the system (very nearly) dry of picture coins.  Not on purpose, but simply because there are so many of us at it.
  Of course, this nationwide ‘panning for coins’ epidemic would not have had such serious implications if The Royal Mint had been putting new releases into circulation.  But since we have only seen the naffer of new coins we are now finding ourselves surrounded by billions of 2019 Shields and People’s Act.  Yup, the most we are able to hope for at present is a smattering of Paddies (urk!).
  Fingers crossed that things change soon.  Perhaps next year we will actually start to see more new designs changing hands instead of them being housed in plastic sleeves and put on sale.  You never know, they may even release some two pound coins.  I mean, we haven’t had any fresh ones since 2016 so this would be a real bonus.  :D
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