Tune In, Turn On, Check Out

[image reblogged from pinterest}
[image reblogged from pinterest]
  Right now it seems as though the excitement will never end!  Just about every day here at TGBCH there is yet another new and uber cool event taking place.
  We’ve had a record number of subscriptions (higher than The Royal Mint hee hee hee), the introduction of our own ‘street wear’ range (well…. official TGBCH T-shirts anyhow), the successful interfacing with a bunch of superstar CJ’s from the States and now…. we have another brand new Facebook page.
[Boss Choon :) ]
  Yes!  First we made the coin collecting community proper dizzy with the introduction of Mik’s Blog (a place full of numismatistical info, humour and outright bitching) and now we have gone and created a place specifically for all CJ-related matters.  It is here you will find everything that is going on with the Coin Tubing community.  It is also a place where any new and aspiring CJ can upload links to his or her material.
  So, if you thought that things may be settling down again for a while, think again.  The truth is that we have only just started.  And who knows what other excitement lays ahead for us all in the future? 
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