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[ image reblogged from sky.com ]
  A Queen £5 coin sounds pretty cool, I have to admit.  And apparently this will become a reality in 2020.  It will be the first UK coin to feature a band.  The nearest we ever got to this previously was with the Benjamin Britten fifty pence….. which wasn’t very near at all unless you stood back a fair way, squinted and made poor old Benjamin wear a mask.
  Now, whilst I say that a Queen £5 coin sounds pretty cool, I do have some reservations……  To begin with, there is always the possibility that The Royal Mint make a right old hash of it.  I am really hoping this will not be the case, but I have seen what has happened with several other coins which could have been so much nicer. 
  But there is another reason why I feel a little cautious about this release….. 
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 [ image reblogged from pinterest ]
  I have been a Bowie fan for a very long time; since I was fourteen in fact.  Imagine then how excited I was when I received an marketing email a while back informing me of a brand new David Bowie coin.  ‘Wowsers!!!’ I thought to myself, ‘This is destined to become the most amazing coin in my entire collection!’  Oh, how quickly things can change with the following of a link!
  Well, I honestly see no reason to beat around the bush here.  The Bowie coin has to be one of the most diabolical releases I have ever had the misfortune to come across.  It is just utterly horrid.  The photo they have chosen of our Dave is naff (it doesn’t even look properly focused to me), the colours are dreadful and the overall look of this coin is more tacky than the floor of a Bostik factory that has a dozen leaky machines. 
  THIS is why I have serious concerns about the release that will feature Freddie and Co.
  Oh I do so hope they get it right!
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[ image reblogged from junocoins.com ]
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