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[The Purpose of Each and All - image reblogged from wallpapersafari.com]
[The Purpose of Each and All - image reblogged from wallpapersafari.com]
  The on-going success of The Great British Coin Hunt has taught us all several things.  David can still take on Goliath, things really can be changed for the better and there are far more people than we realise with exactly the same passion for coins.  But perhaps the biggest and most important lesson of it all is the community part.
  Since it all began, TGBCH family has grown and grown and grown.  More and more people have become actively involved and time and again we have seen members helping and supporting one another.  CoinTubers have acquired masses of extra subscribers, traders have gained new customers and collectors have made new friends they can swap coins with.
  The Great British Coin Hunt is one big machine with many, many small wheels.  These wheels are all of equal importance because they each have their own role.  Therefore, if one wheel should ever begin to slip it is our duty to try and assist – otherwise it could affect the performance of absolutely everything.  Fortunately there have been very few problems so far and everything has been running along tickety-boo.  That is precisely why we are seeing such amazing results and advances.
  We are all in this for our love of coins, but we are also in this because we actually give a sh*t about one another.  That is how it is and that is how it must stay.  We must continue to help others who struggle and we must also ask for help ourselves when we need it.  This is one big family and we now even have members overseas.  If we continue on the same road, there truly are no limits :)
  Keep it tight people and good work!
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