What it Was Like to Volunteer (Again) – Marie

[ Marie - Official Gruffalo Handler ]
[ Marie - Official Gruffalo Handler ]
Marie is no stranger to putting uncirculated coins into circulation.  A few months ago she helped to distribute the bunny fifty pences in ‘The Gweat Wabbit Wevolution’.  And you can read a transcript of her last interrogation…. Ahem!  I mean her last interview can be found HERE.
 Residing in the Merseyside area, Marie works in the retail industry (until her numbers show correctly on the Lotto).  She is younger than an anniversary fifty pence, but nowhere near as old as a Victorian penny!
Earlier on she agreed to answer my questions regarding her ‘Gruffalo Distribution Exploits’.  Whether she agrees to a third interview after reading this one is another matter altogether……. :/
Okay, so where did you choose to release your Gruffalo coins?
‘The lucky area to have the ten excitable Gruffalos roaming free was the St Helen's Morrisons store.’
How would you describe your experience?  Was it fun?
‘It was far easier this time around, as they all went into the same machine; all together like a little family herd.  Although it's still fun having people in the queue wondering why you are talking to the coins and recording it at the same time ;-)
It didn't feel as much of a challenge like when we did the previous Peter Rabbit coin.  That had its own challenges of finding various machines which actually worked.  On the other hand, being able to go to different locations did mean more people would get the chance of finding one.’
And what made you want to do this again?
‘Peter Rabbit is why I wanted to do this again. I loved it last time… and hell yeah, I'm game.
It's always good to volunteer and to be part of something new and different.’
What do you see as being your main drive with volunteering?
‘Helping the big chief bandit (Ian that's you!) with his publicity stunt and making The Mint aware that we ain't gonna stand for their naughty skull-duggery ways no more.  And to show that small business like Ian's have so many of us who are willing to support him.’
What are your thoughts on TGBCH and Ian’s motives?
‘Ian's been amazing through it all.  He's turned us into a great gang of bandits - and some of these I like to think of as friends.’
And….. would you likely to be interested in taking part again when it is time to distribute the next chosen coin?
‘Will I do it again?  Book me a future interview slot NOW Mik!’
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  • It was great to read Marie’s experience & It was also a privilege to able to support Ian in releasing the Gruffalo.

    Judith Lightfoot

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