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[ image reblogged from instagram-dm.com ]

  Another day, another volunteer.

  This time I spoke to forty-seven year old Globalhunter17 from Huddersfield in West Yorkshire.  He told me what had made him want to take part in the ‘Great Gruffalo Integration Project’ and what sort of experience it had been.

 As a whole, was it fun, was it ‘okay’ or was it downright awful?

‘At first it was a bit awkward and it took three attempts.  This is because the tills right in front of the Coinstar machine were being used each time I tried.  But eventually i just bit the bullet and went for it.’

 Was it difficult to video your coin integration?

‘I was lucky because I had an assistant to capture the events on video.  I think this made things far easier.’

 What did it feel like to be part of this unusual publicity stunt?

‘I felt it was an important thing to do to help TGBCH & Bungle Collects highlight the monopoly and the greed of the Royal Mint.  If nothing is said then nothing ever changes.’

 What made you volunteer in the first place?

I didn't volunteer to begin with, but then Ian reached out as some changes had to be made to the volunteers - which left him short.  I felt I needed to act or I would be letting him and everyone else down.  And this in turn would reduce the impact of the release.’

 What plans do you have for the Gruffalo you received for your services?

‘I plan to keep the Gruffalo I received, along with the others I have purchased.  At some stage along the way, depending on the market I will probably look at making myself some profit…’

 Would you be interested in taking part in anything like this again?

‘If the need arises I would do it again, but John's system of allocation to enable an even spread seems the best way to release these coins.’

 Would you identify yourself as being a coin collector?

‘Primarily I would say I am a coin collector, but I also try and sell some coins in order to finance my collection.’

 Do you think that the whole #WatchOut4TheWabbit and #TheGruffaloIsComing thing will have any effect on The Royal Mint and how they go about things? (i.e. That more new coins will go into general circulation instead of being ‘purchase only’)

‘I was hoping it would cause them to re-evaluate their position on packaged coins…  Unfortunately it seems that the Royal Mint have dug their heels in as I believe they have issued a press release to say they will be concentrating on these non-circulated coins going forward as there is more profit in them.’


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