What it Was Like to Volunteer – Samuel Lockwood

  Sixteen year old Samuel Lockwood is probably one of the youngest volunteers to help TGBCH with the distribution of the Gruffalo.  A mechanical CNC machinist and tool maker, Samuel took some time away from his work to answer my questions about his experience.
 What area do you live in?  And is this where you distributed your coins?
 ‘I live in Huddersfield and I used a machine in Brighouse to circulate my coins.’
 As a whole, was it fun, was it ‘okay’ or was it downright awful?
‘Yeah, it was fun and I would definitely be up for doing it again. I am wondering what coin it is going to be next.’
 Was it difficult to video your coin integration?
‘It was a bit dark which made things awkward but all in all it went okay.’
 What did it feel like to be part of this unusual publicity stunt?
‘It was great and I really enjoyed participating.’
 What made you volunteer in the first place?
‘I wanted to be a part of the whole Gruffalo scheme.  I decided this after watching the videos of Peter Rabbit coins being put out into circulation.’
 What plans do you have for the Gruffalo you received for your services?
‘When I get bigger on YouTube, like a hundred or two hundred subscribers, I will probably give it away.  Either that or I might put out a video and explain where the coin came from and explain the whole Gruffalo thing.’
 Would you be interested in taking part in anything like this again?
‘Yeah, I would be very interested in taking part in any other TGBCH coin stunts!  I also think that more people should get involved.’
 Would you identify yourself as being a coin collector?
‘I most certainly am a coin collector, a very avid one!  I collect UK and territory fifty pences in my coin hunts.’
 Do you think that the whole #WatchOut4TheWabbit and #TheGruffaloIsComing thing will have any effect on The Royal Mint and how they go about things? (i.e. That more new coins will go into general circulation instead of being ‘purchase only’)
‘I think that The Mint should release coins in places which are relevant, ie where a person lived if a coin is released in tribute to an individual.
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