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[Metropolis c.1927 - image reblogged from www.neogaf.com]
[Metropolis c1927 - image reblogged from www.neogaf.com]
  Flying cars, teleportation, time travel, interplanetary holidays……  None of us know quite what will exist in the years ahead.  And in some ways it’s probably best we don’t know.  But everyone is going to sit and wonder what the future has in store every once in a while. 
  Of course, whilst ruminating on what may/may not be to come, most people won’t even think about coins (that’s if such things even exist then).  However, here on Mik’s Blog I am allowed to ponder on all manner of different things…. so I could see no reason why I shouldn’t write a post based on what the future may hold for numismatics.  So here goes….   
New coins
  It is now 2089 and The Royal Mint have released a total of 3,787 child orientated coins since they brought out their first Beatrix Potter fifty pences in 2016.  Sure, they may not have latched just how much profit there is in cutesy characters quite as quickly as Walt Disney did, but…. better late than never!
  In the last twelve years alone their range has included the likes of Yogi Bear, Danger Mouse, Secret Squirrel, Scooby Doo, Wonder Woman and Captain Pugwash.  The word on the street is that once they have finally run out of cartoons to gain inspiration from they are going to invent their very own lovable mascots.  One of these is rumoured to ride around on Minty, their famous flying piggy bank!
New Ideas
  After the phenomenal success of The Mint’s ‘Strike Your Own’ idea, they came up with an even better way of increasing the amount of human traffic to their visitor centre.  Yes, in 2044 The Royal Mint unveiled ‘Mint World’.  This was an off-world colony the size of a small moon which actually orbited around the earth.  Mint World (which was lovingly constructed to look the absolute spit of a giant two pound coin) was so enormously popular that many visitors simply refused to leave at all.  Even though life expectancy in this place was estimated to be around fifty percent less (due to well documented differences in oxygen levels) a lot of serious collectors were quite content to chain themselves to machinery and strike hundreds of fifty pences for the remainder of their days.
  Needless to say this whole situation caused a whole lot of upset and the Federation of Mother Earth ruled that Mint World should close its doors on September 18th, 2046.  The fates of those left inside remain unknown.
[Blade Runner c.1982- image reblogged from www.variety.com]
[Blade Runner c.1982- image reblogged from www.variety.com]
New Currency
  By 2092 there was no circulated money left on planet Earth.  Royal Mint had taken control of all world currency some forty years previously.  And because they flat out refused to actually put any of their new coins into circulation, the ones we had left slowly wore out.
  Since all coins had been rubbed away into nothingness, the only way forward was to become a worldwide cashless society.  This would at least solve the problem of paying for groceries or ciggies at the corner shop.
  Meanwhile The Royal Mint still continues to release its new coins as ‘purchase items only’.  According to press releases, these are deemed to be of ‘historical interest to numismatists’.
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