Why I Despise the Modern Pound

[Our 12-Sided Marvel - image by Mik]
[Our 12-Sided Marvel - image by Mik]
  The modern pound coin is pants.  In fact, it is more pants than the entire underwear department you would find in a large high street clothing store.  And that is a LOT of pants.
  ‘But why do you say this?’  I hear you ask.  ‘Just what is your problem with the ‘world’s most secure coin’?’  Well basically I think it is kind of boring to be honest. 
  Here are my reasons for hating this coin so much -
The old round pound was brill.  There were so many different designs issued during the course of its thirty-three year life and some of these were really pretty.  And when you compare any of these to what we have now it’s a tad depressing.  The ‘Floral Symbols’ design on our present pound is in no way attractive as far as I am concerned and we have now been stuck with this for three long years (soon to be four?).  Variation has gone out of the window it would seem and the most exciting thing to come along is a tiny mint mark on the carded 2016 edition.  Yes, this particular issue features a small ‘crosslet’ just above the writing.  Whoopee-do.  How amazingly exciting.
There is something about the materials that have been used for the modern pound which are just plain horrid.  It looks cheap and it feels cheap.  It has a nasty, blingy gleam about it that is akin to the type of jewellery you find on the tackiest market stall imaginable.  Even children’s board games offer more aesthetically pleasing coins than this.  I’m not convinced that the new pound is even capable of acquiring ‘toning’ over time :(
I thoroughly dislike this twelve-sided aberration simply because it is neither one thing nor another.  As far as I am concerned, if you are manufacturing a coin with sides then they need to be sort of….. perceptible.  I’m sure the shape was purposely chosen to deter crooks, but that really doesn’t help me.  A nicely defined multi-sided shape or a true circle – that is what I like to see in a coin.
  So there you go.  But, of course, this is merely my personal opinion :)
  Apparently the new pound was introduced purely because there were so many fake coins in circulation.  And (allegedly) this new coin is super-duper uber difficult to counterfeit and has more built-in security features than James Bond’s toothbrush.  However, in my opinion, I don’t think anyone has any worries…..  I mean, who would even want to copy such a butt-ugly coin in the first place????
  It is possible that the new pound will change a little over time and I may even grow to like it a little bit…..  Perhaps they will introduce new designs, use a different type of metal or even file its edges until it is properly round.  You never know….
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  • I agree wholeheartedly. I just don’t like this coin either. Oh…. and the middles fall out. Many people were conned into buying “error” pound coins in the beginning with sellers removing the centre of the coins and replacing them upside down or back to front etc. On the PLUS SIDE I think they would make for an interesting pair of miss-match earrings :)


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