Why I Like Collecting Coins - By Svetta Munkle

[ image by Svetta ]
[ image by Svetta Munkle ]
  Two years ago, when I first began sorting coins with my mum and her partner, we used to end up with a proper big pile of coins we had found.  Every fifth or sixth coin I turned over would be a picture (most of which would have some value) and there would often be some rather rare ones in there too!
  We used to find things like two pound WWI Navy, Shakespeare Tragedies (Skull), Shakespeare Comedies (Jester) and fifty pences like the Olympic ones (usually a good variety), Beatrix Potter, EU Stars, NHS and Suffragette.  Now when we sort, we are lucky to find more than four two pound coins and ten fifty pences.  This is more than likely because other people have now joined the bandwagon and are nabbing the decent coins right from under our very noses.      
  When the whole coin thing started, I used to find it quite boring in all honesty.  However, as time has gone on and I have learned more about it, I have found out that numismatism is actually a really fun hobby…
  Another interesting part of coin collecting is how many different coins there are; not only from England but also from the Isle of Man, the Falkland Islands, Jersey and Guernsey etc.  Personally I like the IOM coins the best because they have some nice designs and ideas.  For example the Peter Pan ones are really nice, especially because they appeal to people of all ages, from children to adults and they are all extremely nice designs (especially the crocodile).
  In reality, all coins could be as successful as those from the Isle of Man if only an actual good artist designed them (not like the Paddington set where it looks like he’s stood outside St Pauls Cathedral with a dislocated shoulder or where he is sat at the London Underground…. but instead of catching his train he ran into the back of it at 100mph and broke his snout).  On the other hand, some English designs are actually really nice like the WWF fifty pence and the A-Z ten pences.
  So, as it goes, numismatism is actually quite an enjoyable past time!
[ Miss Munkle busy revising - image by Mik Smith ]
[ Miss Munkle busy revising - image by Mik Smith ]
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